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What to Expect : Second & Regular Visits

Your Second Visit

After your first visit with we will ask you to return for a second visit during which time we will share your test results and present you with our diagnosis and treatment plan.

Report of Findings

When you come in for your second visit to our Melbourne chiropractic clinic, we will initiate the session with an explanation so you can understand your X-Rays, Dr Zukerman’s report and recommendations.

Dr Zukerman will walk you through the entire diagnosis and treatment plan allowing you sufficient time to fully understand the details of the approach. A first adjustment may also be performed during this visit.

Regular Visits

Each of the subsequent visits to Back In Care Chiropractic will be extensions of your treatment. Each session at our chiropractic clinic may take up to 10 to 15 minutes when appropriate adjustments in accordance with your treatment plan will be performed. These can be scheduled as to fit in with your working or personal schedule so that you can make the most of your time without affecting your health.

If you have additional questions outside these times, you can email your queries to the Doctor at or telephone the clinic and the Doctor will call you back at an appropriate time.

The Review Visits

Each visit, you will be assessed and you will be able to give feedback in regards to your progress, or any other matters you may wish to discuss. At about 12 visits, we schedule a review visit to assess how the care provided at our Melbourne chiropractor clinic has impacted your condition. You will probably go through all the tests you did during your initial visit to compare the progress from the initial assessment. We will ask you to complete a feedback form at this time.

Based on this review meeting the treatment plan may be adjusted, continued or amended.