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Melbourne Chiropractor Committed to Optimum Health!

Serving you from two convenient locations. Make an appointment today!

Experienced Melbourne Chiropractor Committed to Results

We respect your busy life. Prompt, friendly service and punctuality are two things that set Back In Care Chiropractic apart in the area.

We’re here to serve your family’s unique needs with a focus always securely directed at wellness. “We’re committed to supporting optimum health and well-being through exceptional chiropractic care,” says Melbourne chiropractor, Dr Ron Zukerman. “Our goal is to promote healthier lifestyles in our community.”

We do this by working to fix the root cause of your problems – not by patching up your symptoms. In order
to accomplish this, we get to know each patient as an individual, listen to your personal goals, and work
with you to move toward healing and wellness.

Experience + Passion = Changed Lives

With two decades of experience, Dr Zukerman is well versed in a variety of adjusting techniques
to further address your unique needs as an individual. No two people come through the door with
precisely the same issue, history, current health, and attitude toward treatment. It’s his broad
experience with the full range of these techniques and services that enable Dr Zukerman to design
a care plan that works for you.

If you’re as passionate as we are about getting well without the harmful effects of medication
and surgery, we’d like to invite you to move with us towards a more natural approach.

Gentle, effective chiropractic care is a natural approach to
long-term wellness. If you embrace this approach, visit
us in one of our locations to learn more. Let us assist you
on the path to better health and a more fulfilling life today.

Call (03) 9663 9313 for more details, or to schedule an appointment.