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Meet Dr Ron Zukerman (Chiropractor)

Dr Ron Zukerman is an experienced Chiropractor having run multiple practices and is a leader and mentor in his field. Dr Ron Zukerman completed his first year of study in science at Monash University and then transferred to the Chiropractic College at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). The course concentrated on anatomy, physiology, pathology, x-ray diagnosis as well as chiropractic studies. After countless hours of study and examinations, Dr Zukerman graduated in 1992.

It was at this time, Dr Zukerman chose to travel extensively within Australia and overseas, gaining a wealth of experience in a variety of practices and being exposed to many types of clinical cases. He further developed his skills by undergoing post graduate courses and conferences, and on returning,  he undertook an associate position.
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We aim to provide excellence in Chiropractic care and focus on listening to our patients, with care and compassion. Our motivating drive comes from seeing our patients improve and achieving positive results in their wellbeing.”

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Establishing Chiropractic Clinics in Victoria

The next chapter was to take the reins of Ivanhoe Chiropractic Centre in 1994, a well established practice and in the year 2000, Dr Zukerman became the founder of Spring Street Chiropractic Centre, a modern clinic serving office workers, managers and inner city professionals. In 2003 he established the first Chiropractic office in the growing Southbank.

Dr Zukerman now boasts more than 20 years of private practice in the field and finds that his passion and enthusiasm for this realm of care continues to grow with each passing day. As a chiropractor in Melbourne, he has seen a variety of cases across diverse patients from differing backgrounds, ethnicity and conditions.

Further, Dr Zukerman has devoted his life to staying updated with the latest developments in his field. He regularly undertakes postgraduate courses and conferences keeping him ahead of the evolving chiropractic field and ensuring that he is a leader in the field. Dr Zukerman gets invited to attend conferences and seminars globally.

Outside the Practice

Dr Zukerman competed in triathlons for many years until he met his wife and then his interests suddenly changed! He has 4 gorgeous children, and strongly believes that healthy living must begin at home before being professed to patients and friends. He takes pride in affirming that his children adopt healthy living practices. As a chiropractor, he has encouraged healthy eating and active exercise while simultaneously ensuring they adopt a good posture and a have a fun lifestyle fun.

Dr Ron loves spending time with his family at home or away on weekends. He also enjoys running, swimming, riding and the gym. He values family time over all else and takes pleasure in all its demands whether it involves teaching his son how to play a sport or drive his daughter to a birthday party. One of his favourite activities is taking his family for a picnic in the park and encourages outdoor activities.

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