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Back Pain Relief in Melbourne CBD

young woman modern office back painWhen COVID hit Melbourne, the lockdowns kept people out of the CBD for many months. People had no choice but to work from their homes, but many were unprepared to do so. Few had home offices set up, so kitchen tables became the new work surface. Some had to make do with laptops sitting on their legs, on a chair, or even sitting on their bed.

Now, some people have started working a few days in the office, but working from home remains the norm for many. As a result, Dr Zukerman (Chiropractor) has more and more patients reporting discomfort due to bad ergonomics. Slouching, using chairs without the proper support, and being too close to the screen all put strain on the neck, lower back, loss of flexibility, reduced mobility possibly causing pain.

Back in the Office

While your work setup should be more ergonomic than at home, spending too much time sitting at your desk is a common problem. Our bodies are not designed to sit in one position for more than 15-20 minutes at a time, but as we get engrossed in what we’re doing, we lose track of how long we’ve been sitting. And the more engrossed you are, the closer your head gets to the computer screen, causing more stress and additional strain on your back.

Outdoor Activities

Dr Zukerman also sees quite a lot of back discomfort in people who play sports, spend time on outdoor activities like gardening or working around the house, or strain themselves while taking part in weekend exercise. All these issues are complicated by sitting for long periods of time, five days a week.

We’re Here to Help

Chiropractic provides care for the problem areas, from a holistic point of view. Dr Zukerman doesn’t just look at your symptoms, he assesses your whole body and general wellbeing to create a program of therapies and holistic practices to relieve your back discomfort and restore mobility. Give us a call today!


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