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Headaches Relief in Melbourne CBD

man wearing glasses with headacheWith the rise of companies like Uber Eats, our diets tend not to be as healthy as before. One of the unfortunate side effects of this uncontrolled nutrition seems to be headaches.

Of course, this type of head discomfort may have several different causes—dehydration, past or current trauma, hormonal imbalances, and many others. Poor posture and “tech neck” may also contribute to the problem. Improper sleeping position is another factor. Whatever the cause of your pain, chiropractic care is an effective solution.

A Holistic Approach

Research has shown that most headaches originate from the cervical spine. If your neck is misaligned, or if the bones are not moving properly, it will interfere with the function of your nervous system and actually create head discomfort.

The Posture Pro system is a valuable tool when dealing with headaches and migraines. Poor posture may place a great deal of stress on the neck, causing an imbalance in the cervical spine and pain that can radiate to the head. Using gentle chiropractic techniques, our doctor corrects the imbalance, reducing the stress and relieving your pain.

Changes in your diet, and seasonal influences, may also cause discomfort in the head. Allergies and sinus issues may cause pressure to build up, leading to a headache, and frequently migraines. Reducing the pressure with compresses is recommended; trigger point therapy may also be helpful in releasing the sinus pressure.

Solutions For You

Chiropractic care is very successful in addressing head pain, which is usually biomechanical in nature, providing much-needed relief. Dr Zukerman (Chiropractor) is also quite successful helping symptoms of migraines, although those which are hormone-driven are more difficult to manage, but chiropractic can still have a real impact.

Making lifestyle changes, and also providing a specialised exercise program for self-care, are important aspects of your plan. Having an adjustment, while continuing to exhibit the same behaviours which caused the problem, may help you.

Give Us a Try

Natural chiropractic care is a non-invasive method to relieve your headache and migraine pain. Visit our practice and discover what we may do for you. Call us today at (03) 9663 9313.


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