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Sleep Position in Melbourne CBD

man sleeping soundlyDr Zukerman (Chiropractor) is a strong believer in proper sleeping position. The most recommended sleeping position is on the back, however, most people are side or stomach sleepers, which may cause back or neck issues. Many of the problems he sees have been influenced by poor sleeping habits, so he developed strategies to help people change their sleeping position.

Adjustments and Sleeping Position

Once people start receiving adjustments, the position of the spine may change. This is the time when Dr Zukerman begins to introduce new sleeping positions.

We recommend using the contoured pillows we have at our practice, and on our website. There are a lot of different sizes and firmness—soft, medium, or firm. Unlike those available for purchase elsewhere, we assess each person individually before we fit the pillow to make sure it’s right for them. If the pillow is a fraction too big or too small may cause you even more problems!

Our pillows have a groove in the middle for your head to rest in, and support for the neck to help simulate the forward curve of the neck, which a lot of people don’t have; this is a contributing factor to headaches and neck problems. We also recommend people put an ordinary pillow, sometimes two, under the knees to take pressure off the lower back.

To start, people spend the first 10 minutes on their back for 3-4 weeks, and then we place pillows on either side and make a barrier to stop them from rolling onto their stomach. Stomach sleeping is the worst position of all; and changes don’t happen overnight, but eventually their body learns the new position.

We also recommend a firm, supportive mattress; not too hard, not too soft, for the best foundation.

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