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Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief in Melbourne CBD

back view of neck painNeck and shoulder pain have become more common for a lot of the same reasons as back pain. People working from home are not positioned properly, and many have to lean over their devices, especially if the screen is smaller than what they’re used to in the office. And if you’re using a smartphone, it might be even worse!

Constantly focussing on your computer screen may cause you to move your head closer, without being aware of the strain on your neck and the effect on your posture.

Dr Zukerman (Chiropractor) has seen several instances of “tech neck” from people looking down at their phone while walking, sitting in a “head forward” position to view a laptop or tablet, or cradling the device between their shoulder and ear. Favouring one side over the other tends to create an imbalance in the cervical spine. The weight of your skull pulls your neck forward from constantly looking down, impacting your trunk and causing neck issues.

Getting Things Straight

At Back In Care Chiropractic, we use the Posture Pro system to scan our patients and determine their Posture Number, allowing us to make the proper corrections using a customised exercise plan to stabilise your spine. Chiropractic adjustment and other techniques, such as trigger point and soft tissue therapy, along with a healthy diet and good hydration, are key factors in improving your posture.

We also provide instruction on the best ergonomic practices. For example, the computer screen should be at eye level, and if you have more than one screen on your desk, having an ergonomic chair that swivels is important, so your head remains centred on the screen. Standing desks are another good option.

Dr Zukerman also advocates doing a few arm circles every 15-20 minutes, to get the blood flowing in the neck and shoulders. Even walking on the spot for a short time is better than just sitting. He also has lumbar supports and pillows for the neck, because many people don’t sleep in the correct position.

Relieve Your Pain

Our chiropractor is here to help you relieve your neck and shoulder pain. Contact our practice today to find out more.


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