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Spinal Nerve Scans in
Melbourne CBD

We experience life through our nervous system. Simply put, if our nervous system doesn’t work right, we don’t work right. And when we don’t work right, we don’t move properly and may get sore.

We use technology to measure the condition of your nervous system. It’s a noninvasive procedure called Thermography. This is an adjunctive technique to assist us in confirming your diagnosis.

This noninvasive procedure “listens” to your nervous system like a high-tech stethoscope.

The same part of your nervous system that controls your internal organs regulates the temperature of your skin. Our instrument measures differences as small as a tenth of a degree!
model of vertabrae

Your Scan

Each colour represents a different amount of nervous system disturbance. After gowning, we’ll have you sit still for a moment or two. Then, starting at the lower back, we’ll run the Thermography up your back. That’s it. The computer does the rest.

If this scan is required to be done when you come in, then you’ll see the computerized result instantly.

Things get more interesting as we’re able to compare your future nervous system scans with earlier ones. Our interest is in seeing the patterns of your scans change with the passage of time.Since the severity of your nervous system disturbances are coded by colour (Red=Severe, Blue=Moderate and Green=Mild), as your disturbances resolve we expect to see these change. If they don’t, we know we’ll need to take a closer look at any hidden physical, mental and chemical stresses in your life. Remember, healing isn’t always a straight line! Sometimes you’ll take one step back before taking two steps forward.

This technology is a very useful adjunct in our practice. Of course we will perform a thorough examination prior to offering you the opportunity to consider having the Thermography scan. It will be your choice.

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