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Custom Orthotics in Melbourne

Helping You Put Your Best Foot Forward

The human body is a mechanical marvel. Our nerves, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and joints work in harmony to help us to move efficiently and effectively. But what if one of those parts is not working at its best? If our feet, ankles, knees, hips, back or neck are not in proper alignment? Chances are it will have an affect on the rest of the body.

This is certainly true of our feet. They are the foundation that we rely on to help us stand and move forward, so when they are not functioning well, we eventually notice pain somewhere. Since the average Australian takes 10,000 steps a day, doesn’t it make sense to ensure that those steps are the best they can be?

Take a Closer Look at Your Feet

Dr Ron Zukerman offers the latest technology for assessing your feet and determining if they are causing excessive strain on the body. GaitScan™ accurately measures the pressure throughout your feet in a standing position and in a walking posture. It is technology that measures the feet in a non-weight bearing and weight bearing capacity

In fact, this digital analysis records over one million points of data in your feet and can find even minor flaws that can become major problems.

If the results of this scan show that you need help to address an imbalance, Dr Zukerman can order custom orthotics for your shoes. These inserts will gently retrain your feet to walk with better function, keeping your foot and ankle in correct position. Many patients, from early teens to the elderly, have benefited from working with Dr Zukerman to do just that.

Why Choose a Chiropractor to Care For Your Feet?

It is an advantage to have Dr Zukerman assess your feet as, because your body works as a unit, it is important that your whole biomechanical structure is analysed (unlike Podiatrists who may only analyse your feet).

Unlike some other orthotics, TOG orthotics are semi-rigid so they give the necessary support, and at the same time encouraging your feet to try to develop the supports they need so you may not need to wear them forever.

Back In Care Chiropractic foot analysis and orthotics products are provided to you as a ‘service’ and is a valuable, cost effective option for your overall posture care.

Custom Orthotics Designed Specifically for You!

The comprehensive analysis and first pair of specially designed orthotics are available. Second and third pairs can be made for different shoe types and can be ordered at the same time.

Don’t take another 10,000 steps without taking advantage of this unique look at your feet. Contact our office to schedule your GaitScan™ today. Your body will thank you.