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Can You Fix Posture While You Sleep?

Posture is just as important at night as it is during the day. Read more to learn which positions are best to sleep in and how you can fix your sleep habits.

Woman sleepingHow you sleep at night has a massive impact on how you feel and function the next day. If you’re sleeping in an unhealthy position, there are easy steps you can take to bring your body back into proper alignment, while treating yourself to deeper, more refreshing sleep.

Why Back Sleeping Is Best

The ideal sleep position is to lie on your back with a contoured pillow under your neck. Generic pillows off the shelf may not provide sufficient neck support or grooves under your head.

We sell specialised pillows that come in different sizes, shapes, and densities to fit each individual’s needs. Dr Ron Zukerman (Chiropractor) will measure you to recommend a pillow appropriate for your body type, then have you test it out to make sure it’s comfortable.

It’s also best practice to prop one or two ordinary pillows under your knees. Sleeping with your knees in a slightly lifted position takes pressure off the low back, reducing back dysfunction and pain.

Other Sleep Postures

Another option is to sleep on your side. Be careful to balance how much time you spend sleeping on the left and right sides. You should also make sure your body doesn’t rotate as you sleep. If one leg rolls over while your spine stays in its original position, an unnatural twist could pull your spine and muscles out of alignment and lead to significant pain.

The same position may not work for everyone. If lying on your back makes you snore, for example, we’ll evaluate whether you have a nasal problem or a misalignment in the upper neck. Instead of recommending cookie-cutter solutions, we analyse each patient individually and work with you to design a care plan that makes sense for your needs.

Whichever sleep posture you choose, it’s essential not to sleep on your stomach. This is the worst position and is never a good idea for any body type. Stomach sleepers may have to invest more intentional effort in correcting your sleep posture to put an end to the cycle of chronic pain. We find that patients that are having Chiropractic care simultaneously are able to adapt to new sleeping positions more easily.

Small Steps to Making Big Changes

Correcting improper sleep habits can be hard, but it’s okay to start with a few minutes at a time. We suggest that you start out lying on your back for the first ten minutes every night to get your body used to the feeling.

It’s okay if you fall asleep in a different position after that. As you wake up during the night, get on your back again for another ten minutes. After three or four weeks of deliberate repositioning, you’re likely to find yourself falling asleep on your back without needing to roll over.

Finally Reaching Better Rest

We find that as people start with care and their spines get into alignment, it becomes easier to feel comfortable sleeping in the correct position. Good sleep posture leads patients to rest better and feel more vibrant during the day. Contact our office today to learn more about how chiropractic care may help improve your sleep and boost your energy levels naturally.

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