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Do Back Braces and Neck Braces Work?

Posture correctors promise easy solutions for pain, but rarely deliver. Chiropractic care helps restore alignment, while back and neck braces can cause further pain.

Woman with neck painQuick fixes are often tempting—but they generally don’t produce good long-term results. Many of our patients ask about posture correctors, like back and neck braces. While these products promise pain relief with minimal effort, these claims tend to get people’s hopes up without delivering tangible health benefits.

Masking Pain Doesn’t Solve the Issue

Think of back and neck braces like medication. You spend a little cash for a generic product off the shelf that you hope will solve your pain quickly and easily. It’s possible you’ll even start to feel better for a while as you begin using it.

In the end, however, the core structural issue that was causing pain hasn’t been dealt with. If anything, your condition may have gotten worse, as you continue to engage in unhealthy lifestyle habits that lead to dysfunction in the first place. The product that was supposed to solve your health crisis has only prolonged it, temporarily masking symptoms before leaving you in the same condition you were in before—or worse.

How Posture Correctors Can Make the Problem Worse

Back supports attempt to pull your muscles and spine back into the proper posture. One strap goes around each shoulder, while another wraps around the abdomen, forcing you upright. From an outsider’s perspective, your shoulders are straight, and your posture looks nearly perfect. You must be healthy!

In reality, the pressure from these straps might focus on one area of the back or neck. When one part of the body suffers, other muscles and tissues compensate, countering that pressure so you can continue to function. For example, a posture corrector might pull your shoulders back while causing a neck problem, as your neck muscles are forced to work overtime. Over time, this unnaturally forced posture will cause pain in the back, neck, or elsewhere in the body.

Responding to the Core Issue Through Chiropractic

When you’re struggling with pain, it’s essential to evaluate your whole mechanical structure so we’re not just pushing problems from one spot to another. Without a doctor’s evaluation, it’s hard to know where pain is coming from. Symptoms you experience in your back could come from the neck, low back, shoulders, or pelvis.

Dr Ron Zukerman (Chiropractor) views each patient as an individual, assessing your specific needs to diagnose the root cause of pain. We have experience caring for a range of back and neck conditions, including many tough cases.

We bring your spine and joints back into alignment so you can hold yourself upright on your own, without having to rely on an artificial device. Nothing will inspire you to hold your head up high like knowing your body structure is solid and healthy, from head to toe.

Give Your Back the Care It Needs

Neck braces are necessary to protect the neck during crisis care after a major car accident. Outside of that instance, however, posture correctors don’t fix problems and shouldn’t play a significant role in health care.

Chiropractic care works by identifying the core cause of pain and helping restore you to full health naturally. Contact our office today so we can start turning your pain into long-term wellness.

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