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Is Poor Posture Affecting You?

lower back and neck painEach day, we unknowingly subject our neck and backs to the effects of poor posture. It might be sitting slumped at a desk for hours at work, walking while hunching over without realising it, sitting in your favourite old chair to stream hours of programming, or constantly looking down at your smartphone or other device.

Whatever our habits are, the results are detrimental to our spinal column, and our posture can suffer.

How Posture Pro Technology Helps

Dr Ron Zukerman, Melbourne CBD Chiropractor, uses Posture Pro technology for assisting with posture correction. This technology produces photos of the patients to analyse their posture. This is a non-invasive assessment utilising photos of the body with an iPad. It’s the latest and most advanced postural analysis software.

If you have good posture, the view from the front or back should reveal a spine aligned from the top of the head through the pelvis down to the bottom of the feet. The spine should not be curved to the left or right, as it may appear in someone with poor posture. The side view should show a spine with natural curves in three places—at the neck, the mid-back, and the lower back.

Once the scans are completed, Dr Zukerman processes the relevant data and the system produces a report, which has index values showing any shifting of the head, shoulders, hips or knees. Shifts within your body can directly correlate to postural deviations you may be experiencing. There is a three-page report for the patient to keep, which we provide as an assessment of their posture both in the front and side on views.

Care Plans Structured Around Accurate Results

Once your results are analysed, Dr Zukerman may see the need to provide exercises to help improve the stability of your carriage. As each patient has different structure within their bodies and varying degrees of poor posture, the exercises will differ from person to person. It takes less than a few minutes a day of doing the exercises to ensure consistent compliance.

Dr Zukerman will encourage daily action, but he finds that if his patients do their exercises a few times a week, they still get results. The best results are usually possible when the exercises are done with chiropractic care. Typically, Dr Zukerman will introduce the Posture Pro scans once the patient has a few weeks of care under their belt. This allows the initial acute inflammation to settle, so he can get a more accurate picture of the long-term status of the body.

Reassessments are done later, after a series of adjustments with the exercise programme. This could be 3, 6 or 12 months later.


We commonly see significant positive improvement in the patients’ posture. If this is something you’d be interested in adding to your chiropractic care plan, talk to Dr Zukerman at your next adjustment appointment!

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