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Is Your Bed Comfortable?

man sleeping on backMany people sleep on the same mattress for many years. It is important to understand that we spend about a third of our lives in bed (asleep!) so our beds do ‘suffer’ from years of wear ‘n tear.

Depending on the original quality of the bed, it is generally recommended to change your bed about every 10 years.

Support and Comfort

The beds we recommend are the traditional mattress and base beds. It is important to have a supportive mattress (firm but not too hard). Generally, additional pillow tops, for extra cushioning are not necessary as a good quality mattress will have enough support and comfort.

Water beds and memory foam beds are not beds, we advise, as they usually contour to your body position. So, if you are out of alignment it will support that position, but with a conventional mattress and base bed, it will generally return to its same position thus ‘trying’ to help your body get in a more supportive position.

Please speak to Dr Zukerman for advice on your bedding as a good nights sleep can get you refreshed for the day ahead!

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