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Is Your Pillow Giving You Enough Support?

woman sleeping on soft pillowIt is important to have a supportive contour pillow to allow your head and neck to rest through the night. If a pillow is too high, too low, too hard, too soft, or just too old, it is time to replace your pillow!

We recommend, and supply, foam contoured pillows, and we will ensure the Chiropractor will assess your suitability to a well fit pillow. Dr Zukerman will refer to your history, examination, and x-rays findings to determine what will be best suited to a supportive pillow.

This may be essential in assisting not only your healing but also have a comfortable, restful pillow to give you a comfortable night sleep.

We recommend changing over to a new pillow, about every 12-18 months, as most people will sleep 7-8 hours per night, which is almost 3000 hours of use per year!

Please note that there are other features that also determine a good night’s sleep, such as a comfortable bed and correct sleeping position. We recommend consulting Dr Zukerman for more personalised advice.

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