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Still Working from Home? What Your Body Wants You to Know

home meeting at computer and corkboardIf you’re back in the office, sitting at your desk, you should be getting up to move every 15-20 minutes. Research shows our bodies are not meant to be in a sitting position for long periods of time. Unfortunately, once we get engrossed in a project at work, we tend to lose track of time, and may not stand up for hours! And when we do try to move, our joints are stiff, and mobility is limited.

While many workers have returned to the office, some continue to have flexible work at home schedules. Even now, after so many months on lockdown, many people don’t have proper workspaces in their homes. They continue to work on dining room tables, folding tables or chairs, on their laps, or even in bed. And their body is feeling the effects!

Slouching in chairs, bending over laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and sitting for way too long, may all contribute to back, neck, and shoulder pain. Left untreated, these problems can worsen, creating new issues, and affecting function throughout the body.

Chiropractic and Ergonomics

Chiropractic care addresses the problems created by bad work setups, poor posture, head forward position, “tech neck,” and more. Using adjustments, soft tissue techniques and other modalities, our doctor corrects any imbalances, relieves stress on tight joints, and reduces pain. Our Posture Pro system also assists in establishing an exercise plan to do at home to help improve your posture.

The importance of good ergonomics cannot be stressed enough. Your computer screen should be at eye level, and if you have more than one screen on your desk, you need an ergonomic chair that swivels, so your head remains centred on the screen.

Standing desks are another good option. Be aware of head position regardless of the device you’re on—laptop, tablet, or phone. And never cradle your phone between the shoulder and ear!

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