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What Are Common Foot Problems We See?

Your feet affect your overall health—and the alignment of your spine and joints may affect your feet. Read more to learn about our whole-body care for foot issues.

Woman holding her footYour feet play a major role in your overall alignment and health. Regardless of where you’re feeling pain, you may have core structural issues in your feet, joints, or spine, leading to symptoms elsewhere. Dr Ron Zukerman (Chiropractor) will check your foot structure and movement to make sure you’re feeling well and functioning optimally at every step.

How Your Foot Health and Whole-Body Health Connect

If you have problems with your feet, you’ll likely to have structural issues which may have pain higher up. The reverse is also true. Misalignments in the spine may cause pain in your feet, since any interference in nerve function limits your brain’s ability to communicate effectively with the rest of your body.

Many patients who come in with back pain are also walking incorrectly due to issues in the feet. Other people experiencing foot pain may actually have core problems in the pelvis or back, causing patients to put more pressure on one foot than the other.

Instead of assuming your pain originates in the area where you’re experiencing symptoms, we start with a thorough assessment of your spine, joints, and feet to catch any misalignment that could be contributing to the problem. Our detailed examination includes orthopaedic and neurological testing, as well as a posture and range of motion assessment. We’ll analyse the structure and functioning of your feet to build a plan of care tailored to your needs.


One common issue we see in patients is Pronation. This happens when one or both feet carry the weight on the inside arch which may cause the foot to roll in when walking. This condition can result from a variety of causes which may be biomechanical or neurological. There might be a misalignment or instability of the foot leading to an incorrect gait, or walking pattern. This can also happen with”flat feet” which simply means the inside arches of your feet are not supporting your body weight.

We’ll do a careful examination to determine whether the core issue is coming from the back, spine, foot, or other location. Our Chiropractor will do a careful assessment to determine whether the issue comes from the foot itself or due to your pelvis being out of alignment.

How Our Care May Help

Whatever foot problem you face, we’ll start with precise adjustments to relieve pressure from the nerves. You may also benefit from custom orthotics, depending on the severity and cause of your condition.

Depending on how long you’ve been living with pain, recovery may take some time. A problem you’ve been putting up with for a decade won’t disappear in a few minutes or a couple of visits. At your initial consultation, we’ll figure out whether we can help or if we need to refer you in another direction. If we’re the right fit, you’re likely to see some improvement with regular care.

Quality Solutions for Every Need

The best response to a foot issue is a comprehensive approach that restores your entire body to health. Contact us today to get started with exceptional health care.

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