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What Are the Different Types of AFO (Ankle Foot Orthoses)?

When you combine customised orthotics with advanced chiropractic care, the health possibilities are endless. Read more about our range of options to fit every lifestyle need.

Woman walking up stairsWhen you’re in pain, it’s essential to restore your health from head to toe. We provide a variety of high-quality orthotics for patients in need of extra support. As your movement improves, you’ll experience less inflammation and decreased pressure on the nerves, resulting in better functioning and less pain throughout your body.

A Custom Solution for Every Lifestyle

We provide over 15 different types of orthotics to meet a wide range of needs. The most common one we supply for our patients is the multipurpose SuperFlex. This adaptable design covers general, day-to-day needs. The SuperFlex will keep you comfortable, with plenty of cushioning and support, even if you’re walking up to 10,000 steps a day.

We also offer unique options for more specific needs, like wearing high heels or dress shoes. We have sports options for athletes, runners, and soccer players, plus varieties with extra cushioning for sore feet or ulcer prevention for diabetes patients. Kids in need of extra support can also order arch support designed just for them.

Whole-Body Wellness for Your Feet and Joints

In addition to choosing a model that fits your lifestyle, you can also select from a full cover length that runs the length of the shoe, a three-quarter length that ends just short of the toes, or a half cover.

Each orthotic is custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance, bringing your foot and ankle into alignment. You may need arch support in one or both feet, depending on your condition. When combined with chiropractic adjustments, this device can help bring your whole body back to proper positioning so you’re moving correctly and feeling your best again.

Designing an Ideal Care Plan for You

At your consultation, if indicated, we’ll check the alignment of your feet. Even if you’re not feeling pain in the feet, a structural issue in your foot can often cause pain elsewhere in the body. Dr Ron Zukerman (Chiropractor) will evaluate your posture and range of motion, as well as doing orthopaedic and neurological tests. We’ll then assess whether orthotics are the right solution for you.

Many patients need arch support after a lifetime of improper patterns of movement. We’re not taught to walk or run properly as children. Orthotics can help correct the position of the feet and improve your running pattern. Our detailed foot scans take 200 frames per second, helping us visualise your foot posture on the screen as you stand and walk. We’ll then explain how you can improve the way you walk.

Patients who continue with regular chiropractic experience the best results. Your whole body is interconnected, and foot issues often result from spinal or postural issues. Only by addressing the whole picture of biomechanical alignment can you achieve maximum wellness and take hold of all life has to offer.

Walk Your Way Back Into Health

If foot imbalances are contributing to your pain and dysfunction, orthotics might be part of a personalised health solution we can craft to meet your needs. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our total-body, natural health care.

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