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What is the Correct Sleeping Position?

woman sleeping on sideFor most people, the best position to sleep is not on your stomach, not on your side, but on your back.

We advise having a supportive contoured pillow under your neck to help form, or maintain, the forward neck curve, with an ordinary pillow under your knees, which should take some the pressure off your lower back, as your knees should be slightly bent.

It can take a while to adapt to this position, but try starting every night in this position for 10 minutes. If you wake up during the night in a different position, then reposition yourself. It may take weeks of getting used to, but it will be better for your body in the long term as a better positioned spine will allow the body to ‘heal’ and be more rested, so you wake more refreshed!

Another tip would be to place pillows either side of you, so if you happen to roll on your side, you have a barrier which may reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

If you are unable to sleep supine (on your back), the next position is on your side. Again, it is important to have a pillow that supports your head, so it remains in a horizontal position and not tilted too high or too low. Be sure that your lower back does not roll, or twist, one way or the other, as this may lead to back issues.

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