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Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Use a Skipping Rope?

Foot pain while engaging in this cardio exercise might come from a structural problem, poor technique, or hard surface. Find out more.

Woman with foot painIf you experience painful feet after jumping rope, it could be due to a range of causes. Dr Ron Zukerman (Chiropractor) will do a thorough, one-on-one assessment to review every factor that may be influencing your situation and help you find an approach to exercise that leaves you pain free and energised.

Proper Structure and Technique

For many people, the problem comes down to technique. Pay attention to how you’re landing. If you’re jumping on the flat part of your foot, that could be putting pressure on the wrong areas. This can be especially problematic if you have a structural issue in your feet, as the combined effects of gravity and high impact can quickly turn a minor health challenge into a more serious problem.

We recommend that both runners and jumpers land on the forefoot, or front of the foot. Excess pressure on the heels sends vibrations up through your body and into your spine, and, over time, may cause misalignments and widespread pain.

Some high-performing athletes can land on their heels without causing damage to their bodies. For beginners, however, it’s better to start by landing on the fronts of the feet while skipping rope so you can first establish a proper sense of balance.

The Importance of Jumping on the Right Surface

The surface you’re landing on also plays a big role in how much of the impact your body absorbs. Hard surfaces like pavement or concrete take a toll on your feet. Make sure you’re exercising on a cushioned surface with mats, padding, or grass. Softer surfaces can absorb part of the impact, protecting your joints and reducing foot pain as you keep your body healthy and strong.

Keep Your Body Performing at Its Best

Our team would love to help you enhance your fitness routine to make sure you’re exercising correctly. We’ll check for any foot imbalances and bring your whole body into alignment so you can skip rope worry-free.

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